Renee Crumpler Parrish reviewed Clean Freak Auto Detailing5 star

March 19 at 3:39pm · I had Matt totally detail my Honda Pilot a few weeks ago. It was in desperate need of some serious TLC. The finished product was beyond what I was expecting. The vehicle looked better than when I bought it brand new from the dealer. There was not one part of the vehicle overlooked. One thing I noticed was driving in the rain - the vehicle stayed clean for several days -EVEN AFTER DRIVING IN THE RAIN! Matt is knowledgeable on the proper car-care products, what should done when. If you care about your vehicle and want it looking like brand new - go see the Clean Freak. You won't be disappointed. 


Q. Can I get just my exterior or just my interior cleaned?

A. Certainly, custom estimates can be given, preferably in person.

Q. Can you keep my car overnight?

A. Yes, many times it is preferred as sometimes odd hours are worked by both of us. Your car will be secured in a locked garage if spending the night.

Q. Can you pick up and deliver my car?

A. Yes limited local pick up and delivery service may be available, I'm insured to drive and store your vehicle. This would be free of charge if you are within a 10 mile radius of City limits of St.Clairsville, service charge would apply to those outside that range.



Nathan Holstein reviewed Clean Freak Auto Detailing5 star

April 11 at 6:50pm · I asked Matt to see what he could do with my 04 Silverado interior. It was DIRTY, had odors and stains, and I'd tried everything in my off the shelf cleaning arsenal with mediocre results. He knew the steps and had the tools to get everything looking (and smelling) new. 


Jennifer L. Clark-Vera reviewed Clean Freak Auto Detailing5 star

April 11 at 2:19pm · My car is so clean I don't want to let my kids back in! 


Judy Coulson Stupak reviewed Clean Freak Auto Detailing5 star

April 3 at 8:26pm · Just bought my Jeep a few weeks ago .... hated that it was dirty already. So I called Matt ... he made my car look showroom beautiful !!!
If you want your car to look spectacular .... call Matt !!!